Global Tech Summit 2022

Role: Graphic Designer

3 days, 40+ speakers and 35+ cutting-edge tech talks – This is Delivery Hero’s Global Tech Summit 2022. The annual event is a unique opportunity for everyone in Delivery Hero to share knowledge, learn from each other and connect across borders. Delivery Hero operates in 70+ countries. The Tech and Product teams have grown 6x times over the last 4 years and boast an impressive 7+ tech platforms. The mission of this years event was to come together leverage the power of global knowledge – for one common goal. The 2022 summit took place online from November 22nd to November 24th, accommodating different time zones from Seoul to Buenos Aires.


Create the visual identity and design system for the Global Tech Summit – to create a memorable and impactful summit, worthy of its name.

The summit was targeted at Delivery Hero employees, technology experts, industry leaders, and media representatives. The global tech summit is a representation of Delivery Hero’s dedication to shaping the future of tech in the delivery industry.

Together with our creative director and motion designer we created a forward-thinking, innovative, and visionary, identity that encompasses the Delivery Hero brand, highlighting it’s commitment to driving tech innovation in the food delivery industry.