Pride Brand Design

Role: Graphic Designer

Pride month and CSD art direction for Delivery Hero

United in Love is this years slogan for the Berlin CSD. It is also the foundation with which we built the Pride month campaign for Delivery Hero. United in pride is our campaign slogan for 2022. We believe the power of community is greater than that of division, the impact of love is greater than hate. This year more than ever, we celebrate diversity as a strength.

We come together as one team, knowing that our differences are at the core of our successes.

That’s where the gradient comes in. Gradients blend and/or transition similar colours. The mix and blend of different colours, creates one united gradient. Each single element is an essential element of the greater gradient, adding a versatile and unique feeling that celebrates our differences as a whole.


Graphics are made by me.

Video and photos are created  by the talent team I worked with.